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Coaching Clinics

At PHSquash we are able to offer a wide variety of experiences to squash players and coaches. These can be tailored to suit the needs of any group of people. We have extensive experience in designing and delivering professional quality presentations and workshops on a huge variety of squash related topics. Clinics can be put together to include both on and off court demonstrations, explanations and use of video tools. We also have access to a variety of guest speakers who are experts in their own fields and have worked with squash players and athletes at world class level.


Examples of what can be designed are:

  • 2-3 Hour Coaching Clinic- perfect for a midweek evening workshop in a club environment

  • Full Day Clinic- ideal for weekend delivery to a group of squash enthusiasts who may need to travel to the venue

  • Coaching Conferences- These can be delivered over a 2-3 day period offering a more in depth analysis of various aspects of the game

“Coaching and mentoring is an important, enjoyable and rewarding part of the work that I do. I feel very fortunate to have developed my own coaching skills by learning from some of the world’s leading coaches and experts in the game of squash. As well as an opportunity for players and coaches to network and share ideas, I believe that by putting development opportunities like this in place, we can raise the standard of playing across the country whilst also helping coaches to enjoy having more confidence in the sessions they deliver.”

Paul Hornsby- Squash Professional

Squash Tours

At PHSquash, we are always passionate about offering opportunities for players to gain the ultimate in experience and exposure to squash and overseas cultures.


Examples of tours available are:

  • Tours to International Junior Events- these are aimed at leading junior players wishing to gain exposure to the worlds leading nations and players. This is an invaluable opportunity for players with ambitions of competing on the international stage as Junior New Zealand representatives or Professional squash players. 

  • Tours of New Zealand- amazing opportunities for overseas players to visit one of the most breathtaking counties in the world to sight see as well as play and develop their squash abilities. Schedules and locations can be designed in any number of different ways- contact PHSquash if you would like to discuss this! 

Get In Touch About A Camp, Clinic Or Tour

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