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Paul Hornsby is an internationally accomplished, Level 4 elite squash coach. He has helped to develop athletes and coaches at all levels from teaching beginner club players to coaching and mentoring World Class Professional Players & teams at world championships and Commonwealth Games Events.

Private Coaching and Mentoring is available to book on an individual or group basis and can be tailored to suit the needs of players and coaches of all standards.

Book Coaching Or Mentoring:


45 minutes

60 minutes

1 Session



3 Sessions*



5 Sessions*



10 Sessions*



* Payment due after completion of first session.

Prices above are for sessions at North Shore Squash Club. Sessions may be shared by multiple players (up to a maximum of 4).


Rates for coaching services at alternative clubs are subject to additional charges for:

  • Travel expenses

  • Travel time

  • Court fee’s

We are happy to consult with you to customise sessions and packages as you wish, but below are examples of what we can offer:


  • Learn the rules of the game

  • Master the technique of basic shots and movement patterns

  • Understand simple, effective tactics and strategies

  • Get started competitively

Club Level Improvers:

  • Develop better accuracy and consistency of shot making

  • Learn how to move more efficiently

  • Improve tactical awareness

  • Build knowledge and resources on how to practice more effectively

Advanced & Elite Players:

  • Season Planning and  Periodisation

  • Technical Analysis of Racketwork and Movement

  • Tactical and Strategic Planning

  • Major Event Preparation

  • Off/Pre Season Planning

  • Pressure Sessions

  • Match Analysis


  • Understand, demonstrate and explain key technical and tactical principles

  • Learn effective feeding exercises and progressions

  • Develop session plans for individuals and groups

  • Understand practice routines, conditioned games and logical progressions

  • Develop better communication styles


Paul is available to share squash knowledge and experiences in the following capacities:

  • Group/Squad Training Sessions

  • Training Camps & Tours

  • Coaching Clinics & Workshops

  • Design and Delivery of Coaching Conferences

  • Public Speaking

  • Match Commentary

Contact For More Information

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